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Flower Power Skate- Backpack

Flower Power Skate- Backpack

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 Take your skating and fashion game to the next level with the Flower Power Skate-Backpack!

This medium size backpack is made from super durable 100% polyester, so it’s sure to last through all your figure skating moves on and off the ice. And that’s not all—there are plenty of pockets for storing all your necessities, so you won’t have to worry about digging around in a disorganized mess. With a hidden pocket, laptop compartment and even a front pocket for those extra special items, we’ve thought of everything!

Plus, the water-resistant material will make sure all your stuff stays safe from any unexpected precipitation on those cold winter days. And its silky lining and padded straps with plastic strap regulators guarantee comfort while you carry around your busy everyday life. Whether you need a backpack for school or practice or both; the Flower Power Skate- Backpack has all the fun and sassy style that figure skaters need when hitting the ice!

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